Kimberley Sayer Moisturisers

Of all the moisturiser brands I’ve tried, Kimberly Sayer is by far my favourite. Having suffered with acne during my teens and twenties, I really struggled to find gentle but effective moisturisers that didn’t end up leaving my face feeling like an oil slick. This was a big part of the reason that I started to look for natural and organic products, as opposed to the harsh chemical-filled products in supermarket aisles, or even the expensive designer brands that fill most department stores.

I read the impressive reviews on Kimberly Sayer products and ended up trying the Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer (£26.50 for 120ml at It was, as they say, a game changer. Gentle, concentrated, and delivering moisture with absolutely no greasiness, it was everything I needed in a moisturiser and I used it continuously throughout my twenties. I never use daytime moisturisers that don’t contain SPF and this fab product has an SPF of 30, offering great protection from harmful UV rays. A tube would last me 4-6 months which was great value for money.

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However, I then entered my thirties and found my skin becoming slightly drier and in need of a higher dose of moisture (depressing, but true). Step forward, Kimberly Sayer Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream (£26.50 for 60ml at

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OK, so it’s double the price of the Light Moisturizer, but as a firm brand fan, I was convinced it would be worth it! The product states it is suitable for dry, sensitive and normal skin; having tried it, I would suggest it is most suitable for sensitive and normal skin as it is still a fairly light moisturiser. Again, it has an SPF of 30, but also contains repairing and anti-aging properties (perfect if you’d like to ward off dreaded wrinkles and creases). After having greasy, problem skin for over a decade I was concerned that having a slightly heavier moisturiser would either cause me to break out or give me shiny skin, but this moisturiser has turned out to be the perfect next step up from the Light Moisturizer. My skin definitely feels and looks healthier and more youthful (maybe the latter part of that is wishful thinking!). The only thing that may be off-putting with this moisturiser is the strong lavender scent. Personally, I like the plant and herb-scented products as I’m a fan of essential oils, but I understand they’re not to everyone’s taste.

I’m a big believer in having a dedicated night cream for two reasons; firstly, why use a moisturiser with an SPF overnight? and secondly, I think night creams need to be slightly heavier in order to repair the skin while you’re in the land of nod. I’ve previously used the Kimberly Sayer Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream which is awesome (if you want a lovely, gentle, repairing product, look for anything containing calendula). However, it’s so popular, it was out of stock when I did my online order this time, so (after a minor panic) I decided to try the Kimberly Sayer Aromatic Night Repair Cream (£26.50 for 60ml at, which promises to increase cellular turnover (the process by which skin produces new skin cells).

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Again, while the product suggests it is suitable for dry, sensitive and normal skin, I would suggest it is best suited to sensitive and normal skin as it is still relatively light. Over the colder months, my skin has developed irritating dry, flaky patches. I’ve found that doing a thorough exfoliation and mask, followed by a good application of this night cream, has been perfect for getting my skin back in good form – I’m really impressed with the results it’s given me. As with the Anti-Oxidant Cream, this product has a lavender scent, which I find really relaxing before bed. The texture is almost a dense mousse rather than a cream, which feels quite luxurious on the skin. In future, I plan to use this night moisturiser over the winter months, and the slightly lighter Tangerine & Calendula Cream as my night cream in the warmer months.

Finally, if you are new to natural skincare and are not yet convinced it can be as effective as your usual products, make a Kimberly Sayer moisturiser the first thing you try – I promise you, you will be converted. If you do try a Kimberly Sayer moisturiser, or think you know an equally good moisturiser from a different natural brand, I’d love to hear about it.

Beauty Geek x


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