Billion Dollar Brows by Tweak Beauty

There has been something of an eyebrow revolution in the last couple of years. While we’ve always known that eyebrows frame the face, treatments have evolved from a five minute salon brow wax or an enthusiastic home tweezing session into branded ‘programmes’ of brow artistry with accompanying cosmetic ranges.

While I’m generally happy with my brows and think (hope!) I do a relatively good job of keeping them in shape, I think everyone can benefit from having an expert view their brows objectively and suggest some improvements. So, having seen some of her fantastic results on friends, I made an appointment for Billion Dollar Brows with Kate at Tweak Beauty in Buckingham (


Kate talked me through the treatment as she went, and when I mentioned I’d had HD Brows in the past, she explained the main differences between the two. Both HD & BDB treatments begin with tinting.  My brows are naturally quite dark so I wasn’t sure if this stage would be necessary for me, but Kate explained that the tint helps to condition the hair and even the brow out. Kate was careful not to make my brows any darker which was reassuring.

Next, was the assessment of the correct shape for my face, following the natural shape of my brow. Kate explained that this is done predominantly by eye using the HD method, whereas the BDB method uses the Brow Buddy, a clever tool that shows where your brows should start, end, and where your natural arch should be.

brow buddy

Brow Buddy (

Once assessed, my brows were carefully waxed. It has been ages since I’ve had my brows waxed and I had forgotten how much cleaner the result is than tweezing alone. Kate explained that as my existing shape was quite good (well done me) there wouldn’t be a drastic change, but I really liked the subtle smoothing she applied to the start of my brow, giving it a more current shape.

Kate then made up my brow with the BDB Universal Brow Pencil. I use make-up on my brows every day ( a combination of pencil and powder), and primarily focus on filling in the start of my brow, where the hair is slightly sparser, and also the top of my arch. Kate suggested a different approach, starting by softly defining the underneath and top line of the brow – essentially creating an outline. She then gently blended this in to the brow itself. Interestingly, she left the sparser start of the brow virtually untouched to give the brow a more natural, phased look. To finish, she carefully applied a concealer/highlighter around the edge to really define the brows.

I was really pleased with the overall result – I felt my brows looked like they had a naturally better shape and appeared less made-up.

image1 (4)

Above: Before (with no make-up applied)

Below: Final BDB result

image2 (1)

Overall, I was really sold on BDB and will definitely be visiting Tweak Beauty in future to keep my brows in shape, topped up in between with some tweezing at home. Personally, I slightly preferred the outcome of the BDB treatment to the HD one and with the BDB treatment costing £20 compared to £30 for HD, it represents a good value alternative.

I’d love to know your views on the brow treatments and products you swear by, so please get in touch with your own recommendations.

Beauty Geek x


2 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Brows by Tweak Beauty

  1. The shape and after picture you showed , definitely a better overall finish , however I felt the pencil time to be too warm for your brow


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