Slough The Rough (REN & Burts Bees)

Warning: This post is not for the faint-hearted exfoliator ūüôā

Despite the showery weather, the days are getting longer and warmer which can only mean one thing – summer is definitely on it’s way. If, like me, you’ve been a little, well, lax with your body beauty treatments over the long winter months, fear not, as I will be focusing my next few blog posts on helping you get summer-ready.

In this post I’ll be kicking off with¬†exfoliating. I’ve tried A LOT of exfoliators and on the whole been disappointed with their lack-lustre attempts at scrubbing. When I exfoliate, I want to feel like I’ve been sandblasted and be left with glowing pink skin. (NB: If you have damaged or sensitive skin you’ll need to go a bit more gently than I do!)

Exfoliating gets rid of dull skin and help create an excellent base for fake tan (which, let’s face it, we’ll all be using when the English summer fails to materialise for longer than a week). So, after trying many recommended exfoliators, I’ve singled out my favourite facial exfoliator and favourite body exfoliator to share with you all.

REN Micro Polish Cleanser ~ £20 for 150ml ~


This brand is a fairly new discovery for me but is fast becoming one of my favourites. This cleanser is the first REN product I tried and is recommended by ELLE & Cosmopolitan (well, if it’s good enough for them…). Calling it a cleanser is a little misleading as it is definitely an exfoliator –¬†REN recommend using it 2-3 times a week. I love the faint citrus smell, thanks to the papaya and pineapple extracts, but the best thing about this product are the ultra-fine microbeads made from amber powder. Too often, I find the beads in facial exfoliators too large and struggle to get them in key areas such as¬†the side of my nose and on my chin. No such problem with this product. It’s almost sand-like texture means it thoroughly exfoliates all areas of my face without being harsh. I use 1-2 times a week, so although it isn’t the cheapest of products a tube will last me about six months. You can get little sample sizes of this too – perfect for popping in your bag and giving a try on your summer hols. You won’t be disappointed!

Burts Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub ~ £12.99 for 225g ~

burts bees scrub

Put simply, this product is “The King Of All Body Exfoliators”. Cranberry seeds, pomegranate oil and sugar crystals combine to fastidiously slough away all traces of dull skin, while smelling gorgeously sweet without¬†being sickly. The addition of shea butter means your skin is left feeling moisturised too – I rinse carefully after using this product and then gently pat dry with a towel to ensure the shea butter stays on my skin. This product also comes in orange & mango, but I prefer the scent of the cranberry & pomegranate. Trust me when I say there is nothing better than this product to get your body summer-ready, and all for a reasonable price too.

If you feel your skin is in need of an ultra-scrub (mine certainly was!), then pair this product with a set of exfoliating gloves such as these ones from The Body Shop (£4).

exfoliating gloves

I hope you give these products a try – if you do I’d love to know what you think¬†of them. I’ll be going on holiday shortly and will be sharing with you my favourite products to¬†take on a beach holiday.

Beauty Geek x


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