Hot Right Now (Yes To Coconuts & Nuxe)

As with the fashion industry, the world of beauty loves a trend, and natural beauty brands are no exception. Sometimes it’s the latest wonder ingredient, ranging from the ordinary to the bizarre; think caffeine shampoo (thought to promote hair growth), bee venom (containing anti-aging properties for the skin), argan oil (excellent at nourishing hair) or even snail slime (helps skin retain moisture and heal – but I’m still not giving it a go). Other times it’s the latest must-have product – BB creams, CC creams, contouring palettes, gel polishes, detox teas and spray tans. Currently, the beauty industry is raving about coconut oil and micellar water – which is as good an excuse as I need to get trying some new products by different brands.

Yes To Coconuts Head To Toe Hydrating Balm ~ £11.99 for 85g ~


Coconut oil has long been recognised for it’s super-moisturising properties. In fact, I remember my Mum buying it in little brown jars from Boots years ago and using it to moisturise her skin after sunbathing. Recently, it has had a resurgence in popularity, not only due to the increased interest in natural and effective beauty products, but also because of it’s compatibility with the paleo diet as an edible oil.

The Yes To Coconuts range is part of the wider ‘Yes To’ brand, which also includes Yes To Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Blueberries & Grapefruit. I decided to try the Head To Toe Hydrating Balm in order to tackle areas of dryer skin such as knees, elbows etc. The scent of the coconut oil comes through in the balm, providing a reminder of holidays in far-flung locations. As with most products high in coconut oil, the product has the consistency of a firm paste while cool in the tin but melts slightly to form more of a lotion texture once it is in the warmth of your hand, making it easier to apply.

In addition to coconut oil, the balm contains sweet almond and avocado oils, making it super-rich and perfect for dry patches. However, I’ve also been using it all over as my Sunday evening moisture-boost to set my skin up for the week ahead. It definitely has staying power – I can still feel it on my skin 24 hours later!

A couple of bits of advice – be careful not to get this on your clothes (as it is an oil-based product it can leave marks) and use it after going in the sun not before (oil & sunshine tend to produce a frying effect on the skin – never a good look).

If I have one gripe about this product it is that the tin is tricky to open – especially with damp hands in a steamy bathroom! Other than that this is a great product – as ‘Yes To’ say…it’s the balm (sorry, couldn’t help myself). This is a great staple to have in your beauty toolbox and I shall definitely be sampling some other coconut oil products.

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water ~ £14.50 for 200ml ~


Before I start, let me make it clear that this Beauty Geek does not like quick fix beauty products. I hate make-up removal wipes (ineffective in my experience), all-in-one products (I’ll take separate shampoo and conditioner, thanks) and don’t even get me started on the horror that is dry shampoo.

So when micellar water exploded onto the beauty scene this year I was dubious. A water that cleanses? My first thought was to stick with my tried and tested cleansers (see here for my favourites).

However, once you understand what micellar water is it’s really quite clever. Micelles are very small oil cleansing molecules which, once suspended in water form micellar water. The oil in the formula is what makes the product effective at removing make-up. Although the product has become popular in the UK only recently, it has been used in France for years (and has clearly been a very well-kept secret).

A brand I’m loving at the moment is Nuxe; they’re a Parisian company so a perfect choice for micellar water. If you want luxury natural products with a reasonable price tag definitely give their products a try.

Nuxe Cleansing Micellar Water is beautifully rose scented – not the nasty artificial rose scent found in so many products but the delicate scent of real roses. It is applied by simply sprinkling onto a cotton wool pad and wiping over the skin. I was initially dubious about it’s ability to remove my eye make-up – I wear black gel liner with two coats of mascara each day – but I was very surprised by its effectiveness. I’m not entirely convinced it would remove heavy ‘night out’ make-up so easily (I’d probably still use a wash-off cleanser for that) but it certainly did the job perfectly for my everyday make-up.

Despite the oil molecules within the solution the feel of the product on the skin is very much that of water; it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy but doesn’t feel drying either. There is no need to rinse although I did use toner before applying my moisturiser. As you would hope this product is non-comodogenic (does not block pores) and is alcohol and paraben-free.

So while I’m still not a fan of shortcuts when it comes to beauty, I guess there’s no harm in saving yourself the odd bit of time here and there when a product is as good as this one. I will certainly be keeping a bottle of this in my beauty kit from now on.

I’d love to know any new or unusual products you’ve tried and what you’ve thought of them – just comment below or on my facebook page (search for Secret Diary of a Beauty Geek).

Beauty Geek x


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