Happy Birthday To Me!

Without a doubt, one of the best things about being a beauty blogger is that when your birthday comes around people are in no doubt about what to get you. No boring packs of socks and chocolate fondue kits for me, my friends and family do me proud each year with lots of gorgeous beauty products. This year was no exception so I thought I’d share what I got with you.

My lovely sister bought me the fab ‘Feelin Dandy, Perk Me Up, Lip & Cheek Kit’ from Benefit. Benefit have lots of lovely kits like this – I got one from a friend last year which I am just using up the last of and can thoroughly recommend them as great gifts. This particular kit has High Beam highlighter, Posie Tint cheek and lip stain, Dandelion blush & mini blush brush and Dandelion lip gloss. As well as the products, this cute kit has a mirror (which is actually quite a decent size) and a great little ‘Tips & Tricks’ booklet to help you get the most out of the products. I’ve mentioned Benefit cheek products in a previous blog post but hadn’t used any of these ones before. They’re lovely natural colours which will go with most fair to medium complexions. I particularly like the High Beam highlighter – it’s labelled ‘supermodel in a bottle’ for a reason! One quick tip: when using the Posie Tint, blend it immediately or it can be blotchy. I made the mistake of applying it and leaving it for a few seconds before attempting to blend – not a good look! https://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

My sister also bought me the really cute bareMinerals Angled Blush Brush. I am absolutely terrible at buying and replacing make-up brushes and my existing blush brush was looking pretty sorry for itself (I dread to think how long I’ve actually owned it for). This brush is lovely; it’s super-soft and as it’s smaller than my last blush brush, a lot more precise at applying my blush (and fits in my make-up bag perfectly). Most importantly, it has not shed a single hair – there is nothing more annoying than a brush that sheds hair all over your face of carefully applied make-up! I’ll definitely be asking for more bareMinerals brushes in future. http://www.bareminerals.co.uk

From my fab friend Sarah, I got Molton Brown’s Orange & Bergamot Replenishing Hand Cream. I think Molton Brown have a real talent for making lovely smelling products and this is no exception. The consistency is fabulous, mega moisturising but non-greasy. The packaging is posh too, so this has gone straight in my work bag to use at my desk and impress my colleagues with. I literally could not survive British winters without copious amounts of hand lotion so it is always a great gift idea for me! http://www.moltonbrown.co.uk


IMG_1889IMG_1890My absolute favourite brand of nail polish is the fabulous OPI, and my lovely girly crew came good, buying me the OPI All Stars 10 Pack, which features a versatile range of shades. These are all miniature bottles, which is great as I never use up a full-sized polish before it goes off! They’re also good because they take less room to store as well as being lighter and smaller to travel with. My instant favourites are ‘Tickle My France-y’ – a chic, modern, lilacy-brown shade, and ‘That’s Hula-rious!’ a mint green shade, perfect for summer. My current nail polish collection is distinctly lacking in nude and pastel shades so they are a great addition. http://www.opiuk.com/


Without a doubt, one of my favourite gifts ever came from my incredibly thoughtful friend Rachel, who bought me a fantastic personalised Beauty Geek notebook, to jot down ideas for future blogs. Normally I try and jot down notes on my iPhone, inevitably I accidentally delete them and have to try and remember what I’ve noted down, so I’m enjoying this method of recording my thoughts far more. Plus, it feels way more creative to be making notes via pen and paper! I fully blame the title of the notebook (‘The Ponderings of a Wine Infused Mind’) for the fact that the very first time I used it, I did in fact drip some red wine on the cover. Thankfully, I’d already taken a photo of it in pristine condition to include in this blog 🙂  http://www.betsyjarvis.co.uk


I’m wearing OPI ‘Tickle My France-y’ on my nails in the above photo

You will see that, unlike my normal blog posts, I haven’t included prices on here as I feel it’s a bit rude to get gifts and look up the price! You can find all the prices on the websites yourselves though (I’ve included the links to the sites by each item).

Within the next month or so I’ll be sharing my Christmas wish list of beauty products with you, under the guise of being a helpful Beauty Geek but secretly in the hope that my nearest and dearest will take note and once again do the right thing…!

I’ll also be heading stateside and am so excited at the idea of sharing the latest beauty trends from across the pond with you when I get back 🙂

I’d love to hear about your best ever beauty gifts, so please either comment below, on my Facebook page (search for Secret Diary of a Beauty Geek) or on Twitter @sacha_alex82.

Beauty Geek x


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