Feeling Lashious: Lash Extensions by Lola’s Lashes

lash quote 2

If I was going to appear on ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ I genuinely think one of the options for my luxury item would have to be mascara. While this scenario is unlikely (the blog is going well but I’m not being stopped in the street for my autograph just yet) the point is that my eyelashes are far from lengthy and full. I disguise this day to day with a healthy application of black gel liner and mascara, and on a night out I’ll reach into my well-stocked false lash collection (yes, I do have an actual collection).

I’ve never tried lash extensions before now, and to be honest never been tempted to, because there are just so many bad examples around. Yes, they all look great when they’re first applied but give them a few days and in most instances they twist all over the place, not to mention unsightly big blobs of glue.

However, recently my sister decided she could put up with her lashes au naturel no longer and booked herself in for some extensions with a lady recommended by a friend. After seeing the results I realised I hadn’t had a new treatment in a while and decided to give them a go (also, my sister and I were going on holiday to Florida together and I didn’t want to be outlashed if I’m being totally honest).

I’d followed Lola’s Lashes Facebook page for a while before my treatment and was impressed not only by the results of Enza’s work, but by her passion for her work and her commitment to health and safety – insisting on patch tests before all appointments. So after completing said patch test, I arrived for my appointment the day before my holiday.

Enza started the process by thoroughly cleaning my lashes, explaining that this was crucial for a good result and to reduce any risk of lash mites (apparently they are attracted to dirty lashes, yuck). She then used micropore-style tape to carefully stick my bottom lashes down. This prevents the glue that is being applied to the upper lashes sticking them to the bottom lashes.

Unfortunately, on the day of the treatment I had caught a heavy cold and having the tape applied caused my eyes to water quite a bit. At one point, it seemed we would be unable to go ahead with the treatment as obviously the lashes need to be dry for the glue to work (disaster)! Luckily, Enza was very patient and waited to see if my lashes would dry enough to be able to continue the treatment (I think my begging at this stage may have helped)! After a few minutes we were able to continue, much to my relief!

I had opted for the more luxurious Russian 2D-8D lashes which essentially means having two to eight false lashes applied to each of your eyelashes, giving a full and fluttery look. As well as asking how dramatic you would like your end result to look, Enza analyses each of your lashes individually (that’s attention to detail for you) in order to identify how many false lashes each one can take. This reduces the chance of the false lashes being too heavy for your own lash and twisting (essentially rotating upside down with your lashes pointing downwards).

Russian lashes are also much finer than regular falsies, meaning they look far more natural and are super-light. The picture below shows a regular false lash, next to a Russian lash. As you can see, the Russian lash is as fine as one of your own, real lashes. In actual fact, it is about 1/20 the width of a regular false lash.

Lash comparison

Enza refuses to use pre-bonded fans, which is essentially where a group of lashes have already been stuck to one another and then are simply applied to your lash by the artist. Instead, she hand builds each fan as she applies it, using teeny tiny pin pricks of glue to give the best result possible.

As you can imagine, this level of precision is not quick, so this is not a beauty treatment for the impatient among you. My treatment took approximately 1 & 3/4 hours, which fortunately went a lot quicker than I thought it would.

Afterwards, I could not believe how light the lashes felt – you literally can’t feel you’ve got them on. In fact, the only time I knew I had them on was when I stepped outside and felt them fluttering in the breeze!

Finished lashes

Above: The final result!

Enza is also fastidious about aftercare and takes plenty of time to explain how to look after the lashes to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. She explained it is important not to get them wet as this can cause the fans to close up, causing the lashes to stick together. Daily, the lashes should be cleaned using diluted baby shampoo and a cotton bud (or a q-tip if you’re from the USA :-)). Enza even gives me two spooly brushes so I can keep one in my bag and one by the pool to gently brush my lashes. I did find it tricky not getting the lashes wet (mostly because a good proportion of my holiday was spent with my three year old son in a waterpark!) and cleaning them can be a little fiddly.

I really enjoyed having glam lashes for my holiday – it was great waking up each morning, throwing on some tinted moisturiser and lip gloss and being good to go in five minutes. At £55 a set, the treatment is not cheap but if glamorous lashes are your thing they are definitely worth the investment.

Personally, I don’t think I have the time and money to have lash extensions continuously, but I would have them again before a holiday as a bit of a treat.

If you’re considering having lashes, my top tips are below:

  1. Get a recommendation for a lash artist. Make sure you get a good look at their work before you book with them – ideally, see their work on someone else, look at their website, Facebook page etc.Try and see what their lashes look like two or three weeks after application too – if they’re twisting or you can see large clumps of glue then avoid.
  2. Check your lash artist’s approach to health & safety and aftercare. Yes, it’s not an exciting topic and you might feel like a bore asking, but the internet is full of pictures of people who have had horrid and severe reactions to lash glue. Ask the lash artist how they prevent lash mites and if they don’t make you have a patch test at least 24 hours before your appointment then avoid them!
  3. Check the type of lash that will be used. Ask to see some example lashes and look at how thick they are compared to your own lashes. Ask if the lash artist will be using pre-bonded fans. If they are, make sure you are not over-paying for this – the cost should be a fair amount less than I paid for bespoke fans.

If you’re local to the MK area and want to visit Lola’s Lashes you can check out their Facebook page here.

Let me know your top lash tips (especially your favourite mascaras – I’m going to need an amazing one to replace these lashes when they’re gone)!

Beauty Geek x



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