The Bare Essentials

Those of you who’ve read my blog before might remember my post last year where I reviewed the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue™ Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream and Prime Time™ BB Primer-Cream Daily Defense. As I liked the products so much I decided to pay another visit to the bareMinerals counter to try some new make-up bag essentials.

coco chanel

As spring approaches I really want sheer, glowy skin rather than a heavy base and I feel like that’s exactly what the bareMinerals complexion products give you. I headed to John Lewis in Milton Keynes (my local bareMinerals concession) and was served by the lovely Devanne, who was really helpful at recommending products and colour-matching. I often get asked whether I mention that I write a blog when I buy products and the answer is that I don’t. Firstly, I find that kind of thing a bit cringey and secondly, I like to review the service I receive as well as the products. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve waited at a concession while the make-up artist studiously ignores me (regularly happens in MAC) so it really makes a difference when the service is great.


Anyway, onto the products! First off, I was looking for a new powder to set my base and provide some staying power. Devanne recommended the READY® SPF 15 Touch Up Veil £22 (my shade is medium). Regular face powders are often filled with talc which isn’t great for the skin but bareMinerals use pressed sea minerals with antioxidants and grapeseed oil – gorgeous ingredients. This product did exactly what I wanted it to by giving a light mattifying effect. I used it on top of the Complexion Rescue and really liked the effect. The compact has a good quality mirror and is sturdy enough to stand being in the bottom of my handbag regularly without the powder getting cracked.

Next up, I needed a bronzer to get my glow on before the reluctant English sun appears. I went for the READY® Bronzer £24 in the shade ‘The Deep End’ which is the darkest shade (also available in ‘The Skinny Dip’ and ‘The High Dive’ – I do love product shades with interesting names). This product is also full of minerals and delivers a matte finish. I like how buildable the product is – it’s really easy to get good definition. Again, the compact contains a good quality mirror and is nice and sturdy.

Having discovered that my favourite concealer EVER has been discontinued (‘Disappear’ by Estee Lauder if you were wondering) I was in desperate need of a new concealer. I don’t suffer with dark circles under my eyes but do need something that covers blemishes, so opted for the SPF20 Correcting Concealer £21 in the shade Medium 2. This was the only product I bought that I was disappointed in. Although it is supposed to be medium-full coverage I found the coverage to be quite light and it was hard to blend. I notice that since I had my shopping spree bareMinerals have released a new Blemish Remedy Concealer which may be more effective for skin like mine.

Finally, having realised I’ve had most of my make-up brushes for longer than I care to remember, I decided to splurge on some new ones. I bought the Supreme Finisher £24 to use with the powder veil, the Blooming Blush £20 for the bronzer and the Max Coverage Concealer (I think this brush has now been replaced by the Complexion Perfector £24). I particularly love the Supreme Finisher and Blooming Blush brushes, they are super soft, do not shed at all and offer fantastic value for money. Most make-up brushes of this quality are twice the price, so if you buy one thing from bareMinerals then the brushes are a great place to start.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some free samples too – a loose powder blush in a pinky shade ‘Joyous Jennifer’ £20 and a loose powder bronzey eyecolour in ‘Beautiful Autumn’ £15. Although loose powders can be messy these are great products, heavily pigmented and buildable. I’ve used Joyous Jennifer as a base eyecolour as well as a blush, with a light grey shadow along the eye crease. Beautiful Autumn looks striking on its own, blended up to the socket line, with black gel liner and lots of black mascara.

bareMInerals joyous jennifer blush

Joyous Jennifer

I’d love to know your views on any of the products above, or if you can recommend a fantastic concealer to me!

Finally, a thank you to my lovely friend  Karen (Cottie) who kindly provided the title for this post when I got ‘bloggers block’ (it’s a thing – trust me).

Beauty Geek x

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