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Nuxe was, without a doubt, my best new brand discovery of last year. In a previous post ‘Hot Right Now’ I reviewed their lovely micellar water and now I’m not just a fan, I’m a blogger obsessed!

As the name suggests, Nuxe is a French brand. In keeping with many of the brands I review, Nuxe produces natural products, with the aim of bringing nature and luxury together – perfect!  Their products are sophisticated, with exotic scents and classy packaging. Helpfully however, the prices don’t break the bank.

Nuxe have a number of spas, including at the 5* Sanderson hotel in London. The product reviews on their website are some of the best I’ve seen, with virtually all receiving 5*.

luxury quote

Every brand has a stand-out product…think YSL and you think Touche Eclat. For Nuxe, it is definitely the Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse® OR ~ £19 for 50ml.

This oil looks like liquid gold and contains beautiful sparkly mineral particles. It is really versatile and can be used on your face, body and hair. Personally, I wouldn’t dare use it on my hair as it is fine and prone to oiliness, but if you have dry hair it would be great. I use it on my face when it gets dry patches over the winter and like to apply it before bed as the scent is so exotic, it completely relaxes me. I’ve also used it under foundation to give a glowy effect.

The Dry Oil would be fantastic to use on bare legs – it will be my go-to product on warm summer evenings when I want to flash some tanned skin. For those who don’t love shimmer quite as much as me, the Dry Oil is also available in a non-shimmery version too.

As I love the scent of the Dry Oil so much I decided to purchase Prodigieux® Le Parfum ~ £28 for 30ml. Although I like the smell of lots of popular designer perfumes I love to try and find lesser-known brands that I can make my own signature scent. Prodigieux® Le Parfum is a warm blend of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla, and reminds me of a holiday I spent in Sri Lanka, wandering round temples filled with gorgeous smelling blossoms. I kind of didn’t want to mention it in this post as I don’t want everyone else buying it but it’s too lovely not to mention!


After using up my stock of the Nuxe micellar water, I decided to try the Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals ~ £14 for 200ml which has the same gentle rose scent. This cleansing milk is hypoallergenic and has been specifically developed for sensitive skin. It contains rose water and macademia oil, and is gentle enough to use to remove eye make-up too. If you have sensitive skin this product is definitely worth a try.

I am currently on my third pot of Moisturising Cream Crème Fraîche® de Beauté ~ £25 for 50ml so it is safe to say this moisturiser has become a firm favourite with me. As it doesn’t contain an SPF I use it as a night cream, or as a base for make-up if I’m going out in the evening. The aloe vera gel and plant milks make this cream really soothing on the skin. I know I keep mentioning the scents of these products but they truly are something special and that is true of this moisturiser too, which contains white almond and orange blossom. Best of all, it is non-comodogenic (non-pore blocking) which is great if you have skin prone to breakouts like me.

The Crème Fraîche® is also available in light & dry skin versions as well as a serum, so there is a version suitable for all skin types. A pot lasts me for about three months, using it once a day, so it is quite good value.

If this post has inspired you to try some Nuxe products but you don’t want to spend too much initially, the Travel Kit with 6 deluxe minis ~ £13.50 is a great place to start. It contains the micellar water, Prodigieux shower oil, the non-shimmery version of the dry oil, the Prodigieux parfum, the creme fraiche moisturiser and Reve de Miel body cream. It’s great for a weekend away or as a gift – I bought it for a friend last year and was also lucky enough to receive one from my lovely friend Hayley at Christmas.

I always order direct from Nuxe as you can select a free miniature and three free samples with each order, plus free delivery if you spend over £35. They also offer you a beautiful free gift box and wrap everything in tissue paper – I feel like it’s my birthday every time my order arrives!

Gorgeous gift boxes

So get ordering some luxe Nuxe (not the perfume though – that’s mine!) and let me know what you think of the products.

Beauty Geek x


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