Natural Pampering

I’m a big believer in supporting small businesses wherever possible. Located near to me is Natural Pampering, a small business based in Steeple Claydon that produces handmade natural skincare.

Natural Pampering was created by Samantha Whitehead when she noticed the benefits to her health after cutting out chemicals from her skincare regime. Samantha had severe asthma, hay fever and eczema but after changing to a more natural lifestyle her eczema has now gone and her asthma and hay fever have reduced greatly.

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In fact, Samantha is so passionate about natural ingredients she even keeps her own bees & uses their honey & beeswax in her products.

Both my son and I suffer from the occasional eczema flare up, which I always treat with natural products and find them to be very effective.

Anyway, after dropping several not-so-subtle hints to my Mum, I was lucky enough to receive the Soothing Foot Bath Salts and Reviving Foot Balm, packaged in a gorgeous gift box, and decided to use them to give myself a Friday night pedicure (thanks Mum).

I started off by adding a couple of spoonfuls of the Soothing Foot Bath Salts ~ £6 for 200g ~ to my footspa. They dissolved quickly and filled the room with the smell of orange, geranium and lavendar essential oils – much more effective than a scented candle and very relaxing. The bath salts really softened my skin, and were perfect preparation for pushing back my cuticles and exfoliating.

Following this I used the Reviving Foot Balm ~ £8 for 50g. As the name suggests, this is a balm as opposed to a lotion so a little goes a really long way. Extracts of lemongrass, sage and rosemary give a refreshing citrus scent. I applied it just before bed and when I woke in the morning my feet still felt really soft and refreshed.

The quality of this skincare is second to none, packed with beautiful essential oils and smelling like spa products. The products represent excellent value for money and I will definitely be trying more from Natural Pampering (the Luxury Warming Bath Salts look very tempting).

But what if you’re not local to North Buckinghamshire? Fortunately, Samantha’s products are stocked at numerous locations within Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, plus you can order from her website to have items delivered to your door.

I used the online ordering facility to send a hamper of products to my Great Aunt in Scotland and Samantha was really helpful, gift wrapping everything absolutely beautifully.

So give a local business a try – you might just discover the next big thing 🙂

Beauty Geek x


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