Oh Baby!

One of the reasons I became interested in natural skincare was because I wanted to use products on my son that were safe for his delicate skin. I’ve rounded up three of the best products I’ve used below – including one which you probably already own and is very inexpensive.


The first product is Lavera Basis All Round Cream ~ £6.95 for 150ml. Lavera is one of the most affordable natural beauty brands and their products are really good quality so they’re great for every day. As the name suggests, the Basis range contains the essentials at a really competitive price. The All Round Cream is packed full of ingredients that are fantastic for the skin, including shea butter, sweet almond oil and calendula. It is a rich moisturiser with a texture similar to a body butter, best for dry skin or as a once-a-week treatment for normal skin and has a lovely subtle scent.

The product is packaged in a cute tin. It doesn’t travel well as the lid can come off fairly easily but as I use this product at home that isn’t an issue for me. We use the cream once or twice a week after bath time, particularly when we’ve been swimming and turn it into a mini-massage which he loves. My son has dry skin with occasional eczema and this product has been very good at helping to prevent dry skin patches.


The second product is Balm Balm Fragrance Free Organic Face Balm ~ £8.95 for 30ml. Before I got this product I had seen tons of rave reviews about it so I was looking forward to seeing if it lived up to the hype. No doubt about it, if this product was a food it would be a superfood smoothie – it is absolutely packed with great ingredients; calendula, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba and sunflower oil. It is perfect for using on children as it is 100% organic, 100% natural and fragrance free.

My son gets eczema patches behind his ears which can cause his skin to crack and bleed. As soon as I notice his skin looking dry in this area I pop a little bit on before bed and first thing in the morning which usually completely clears the issue within a couple of days. The product’s texture is similar to a thin paste when cool but transforms to an oil when warmed on the skin. I wish I had known about this product when my son was still in nappies as it is apparently fantastic on babies bums too. I think this product is a staple for every mum to have in the nursery or in your change bag – I have also pinched a bit to use as lip balm when I’ve forgotten to bring mine!

The final product is probably the cheapest I have ever recommended and it is good old olive oil – probably in most people’s kitchen cupboards 🙂

I was glad that when my son was a baby he didn’t experience any cradle cap. However, when he turned three he developed it out of nowhere. Speaking to friends and looking on parent forums online it seems that the hormone surge three year olds experience can lead to cradle cap, even if it hadn’t been present when the child was a baby. I was really keen to use a natural product to solve the problem and tried olive oil on a friend’s recommendation.

I use a narrow toothed comb to take the olive oil through his hair, combing it in a number of directions. This breaks down the cradle cap and lifts it away from the skin gently without tugging the hair. I then do two shampoos to make sure my son’s hair isn’t left oily. I currently go through this process once every 1-2 weeks as needed which means I stay on top of it.

I’d love to know which baby and skincare products you swear by, whether they’re any of the ones I’ve mentioned above or something else.

Beauty Geek x

P.S. Thank you to my lovely sister Stacey for the blog title – bloggers block hit once again!






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