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Once of the reasons I started writing a beauty blog is because I enjoy finding out about products people love and hate, new products and whether they live up to the hype, and people’s all time favourite products. For this blog post, I asked my friends to recommend a favourite product each and here’s what they came up with….

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Lisa AKA ‘Gunners’: Clinique Pep Start

I’ve tried a lot of eye creams, mostly since my first son was born and suffered sleep deprivation. I also don’t spend a massive amount of time on a beauty regime, especially on a morning with school runs & work (sometimes!) – I find I just need quick things that work.

I’ve used Clinique for a number of years and really like their products and they work well with my skin. So when this product came out this year I wanted to try it. It gets mixed reviews but I love it.

The first picture below (of my right eye) is taken first thing in the morning. You can see the puffiness I have. The second picture (of my left eye) is after I’ve applied the product after about 10 minutes of letting it soak in. I haven’t used any filters but the light did change slightly in between taking the two photos. Hopefully you can see in the second picture my skin looks a lot firmer and smoother. It also makes it nice for applying make-up.

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Things I like:

  • Design – very fresh and easy application.
  • Product – it does what it says! I think it does freshen up my eyes and makes me feel a lot more confident especially if I’ve not got a long time to put on make-up.

The only thing I would change is possibly adding a metal tip for a cooling effect. Other than that it’s great!

Clinique Pep Start £22 http://www.clinique.co.uk


Rachel AKA ‘Beasty’: MAC ‘Vegas Volt’ Lipstick

I love a strong lipstick. My Mum always taught me to go for bold lips or eyes – never both. And because I’m rubbish at eye make-up I normally go for the lips!

I have naturally full lips but unfortunately they get dry and cracked. I love the look of matte lipstick but unless my lips are in tip top condition I find it cracks too much. This is why I love MAC Vegas Volt. Not only is it a lovely summery coral colour, it is also really moisturising. I tend to apply my normal Nivea lip balm first to smooth my lips and then blot before applying the lipstick.


I save this lipstick for a night out because I prefer something more subtle for daytime. It lasts really well and when I wore it the other night it survived dinner and many, many cocktails!

I also have to thank the Beauty Geek for introducing me to this lipstick last year on a girls weekend away in London, although I think her sister will claim she discovered it first!

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick £15.50 http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk


Katy AKA ‘Spanna’: Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of my only must have beauty products. I first tried it around 4 years ago after reading many positive reviews. I was wary of the claims to begin with, that it works for all skin types and could remove all make up. I have oily skin and on occasion have found cream based cleansers too heavy, leaving my skin feel like it has a film on it. On first using it, I absolutely loved the smell, it is so natural and refreshing. I was also amazed at its ability to remove makeup, it was better than any make up remover I had ever used.
Despite loving some of the factors I was disappointed initially as I think I expected my skin to improve overnight! However, I decided to stick with the cleanser in the hope it would live up to the claims eventually. After around a months time I noticed my skin was much improved and although I don’t really suffer with spots generally, I could no longer see the tell-tale signs of spots under my skin surface. I would go as far as to say my skin is the best it has ever been. Occasionally I venture outside the world of Liz Earle to try other products but I always return. I also use the skin tonic but use a moisturiser from another range as I find that even the light moisturiser is too greasy for my skin.
One other thing I love about this product is that they bring out special editions which always smell amazing and are always equally as good as the original. In addition I noticed that Primark have started stocking muslin cloths. I’ll be giving these a try soon as the Liz Earle ones are pretty pricey and I end up throwing them away fairly often as you need to wash them every day and after a while they are stained with make-up and feel grubby.
Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser £15.50 http://www.lizearle.com
Sarah AKA ‘The Stylish One’: Bourjois Liner Pinceau Liquid Liner

I have been using liquid eyeliner since I was 16 – that’s a long time! I have tested a few over this time and I can’t recommend enough the Bourjois Liner Pinceau (liquid liner, 16hour) – this is an absolute winner.


Easy to apply (liner brush) and you can easily achieve any look from a naturally enhanced lash line to a major 60s flick. I especially love the ‘Ultra Black’ for achieving this look.

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I generally buy low to mid range but I have tried more expensive ones and they just don’t match up. This is a reasonable price and for me is the best I have used.

Bourjois Liner Pinceau Liquid Liner £6.99 http://www.boots.com


Thanks so much to my lovely friends for sharing their must-have items! I already have the cleanser and lipstick but will definitely be giving the eye cream and eyeliner a go.

Comment below with your must-have products 🙂

Beauty Geek x

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