bareMinerals Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve wanted a nude eyeshadow palette for ages – it seemed like everyone had one but me! I’d pondered over a few before deciding on the bareMinerals ‘The Nature of Nudes’ palette. I chose this one because it had a good mix of matte and shimmery shades with everything from highlighters, to mid-shades, to darker colours. This is a limited edition palette and I don’t believe this exact one is still available (unless your local counter happens to still have some in stock) but bareMinerals have a wide range of other similar palettes. The palette contains 14 shadows in total and cost around £35. Obviously it’s not a small amount of money to spend, but works out as £2.50 per shadow which is fairly good value.

The palette itself is cardboard which makes it nice and lightweight, but doesn’t afford as much protection to the make-up inside as a tin palette would, so I wrap it up carefully when I travel with it. It closes with a magnet which is nice and strong so it doesn’t come open accidentally. Inside, there is a good quality mirror which is a decent size. What I particularly like is that the mirror is overlaid with a film  which gives some ideas as to how to combine and use the shadows. You can remove this easily if you want – it peels off without leaving any residue – but I’ve kept it on so I can use it for inspiration.

The colours included are (m=matte, s=shimmer); Whipped (m), Opulence (s), Lost For Words (m), Truffle (s), East (m), Guest Star (s), Fate (m), Chance (m), Libation (s), Tranquil (m), Exquisite (m), Priceless (m), Sonnet (m), Black Tie Optional (m).

Although they don’t look like the most exciting shades in the palette, ‘lost for words’ and ‘exquisite’ are excellent natural base colours for most looks. I’m a sucker for beautiful shimmery shades and ‘libation’, ‘truffle’ and ‘guest star’ are all stunning.


I’m always surprised at how different shadows can look on the skin as opposed to in the palette so I’ve swatched them in the picture above, as well as including some photos of different looks I’ve tried. I’m not in any way a make-up artist, so the looks I’ve put together give you a good idea of realistic results the average person can achieve at home with these shadows.

Smokey Grey

This look uses the shades with slightly more grey tones to them and gives a lightly smokey, matte finish.  To create it, I swept ‘tranquil’ over the lid and highlighted underneath my brow bone and at the inner corners of my eyes with ‘chance’. I used ‘priceless’ in the crease and underneath the bottom lash line. To finish this look, I used black liquid liner which I winged slightly at the outer corner and added a couple of coats of black mascara.


Natural Rose Gold

I love the rose gold tones that are everywhere at the moment, and this is my natural-looking version using the pink and gold tones within the palette. This is very quick to do as not much blending is required so it’s perfect for every day. I’ve used ‘lost for words’ all over the lid and nearly up to the brow bone, with ‘opulence’ directly under the brow and on the inner corners of my eyes. Then I’ve applied a light layer of ‘truffle’ over the entire lid except the inner corner. I’ve finished the look using black gel liner, which gives a softer look than liquid liner and applied a coat of black mascara. I’ve only used a small amount of shadow in my brows to keep a more natural finish.



Here I’ve used some of the pretty brown tones, contrasting matte and shimmery colours against one another. I used matte ‘exquisite’ as my base colour over the lid and towards the brow bone, with shimmery ‘libation’ on the inner corners of my eyes and ‘opulence’ underneath the brow bone. I’ve blended matte ‘fate’ in the crease to give a nice chocolatey contrast. I’ve used ‘exquisite’ again underneath the bottom eye lid with a little bit of ‘fate’ on the outer corner of the bottom lid. I’ve finished the look with black gel liner to keep the overall effect soft, but have extended it beyond the eye and added a flick for a touch of drama. A good few coats of black mascara finishes it off.


Dramatic Eyes

This is a full-on evening look, using the most dramatic shades in the palette. I used ‘lost for words’ all over the lid to create a base for the darker shadows. I used quite a few layers of ‘truffle’ all over the lid and in the crease, before applying ‘sonnet’ in the crease and winging it right out at the outer corner. I applied a fine line of ‘black tie optional’ along the crease, along the upper lash line, and at the very outer corner. I used ‘sonnet’ all along the bottom lash line, using a bit of ‘black tie optional’ on the outer part of the bottom lash line. To highlight, I used ‘libation’ on the inner corners and ‘opulence’ both underneath the brows and underneath the winged shadow at the outer corner of the eyes. To finish the look I used winged black liquid liner on the upper lash line, and black pencil on the bottom lash line. For added drama, I applied a fresh layer of ‘truffle’ over the middle of the lid using a wet brush to intensify the colour. I applied cats eye false lashes, used lots of shadow in the brows and extended the tail of my brows using pencil.

A few tips I have picked up from watching beauty bloggers create this type of look:

  1. To get a nice sharp line underneath winged eyeshadow, stick sellotape (yes, really) underneath where you want the line to be before starting to apply any shadow. This also helps you to get the same angle on the wing on each side as you can readjust the sellotape as many times as you need until you are happy it is symmetrical. I use clear tape so I can see how it will look as I work. This saves tons of time in tidying up after you’ve applied shadow and gives a more professional looking result.
  2. Don’t load up your brush with tons of shadow at once to get a dramatic look – it will look patchy and lots of shadow will fall off your brush/eye and onto your face. Lots of thin layers is the way to go.
  3. Blend, blend, blend. Blending is much easier if you follow tip 2 above and is essential for a nice -looking end result. Harsh lines are very hard to carry off.
  4. Apply shimmery colours wet to help intensify them and make them stand out from the dark accent colours.
  5. If you’re wearing dark eye make-up use plenty of (well-blended) creamy concealer underneath your eye area once you’ve finished so you don’t look like you have bags under your eyes. A good trick is to go one shade lighter than the colour you use on the rest of your face.img_5387img_5389

This palette is versatile enough to cover most occasions and there is not any colour in it that I won’t use.

Check out if you’re interested in an eyeshadow palette like mine. If you’re local to Milton Keynes I think the bareMinerals counter in John Lewis (at the City Centre) is the best one in the area.

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