Neal’s Yard Peppermint & Lime Deodorant

Although Neal’s Yard Remedies is one of the biggest names in organic natural health and beauty, I haven’t tried many of their products before. Thankfully, through a mutual friend I was put in touch with Nicola D’Costa, who is an Independent Consultant for NYR and who kindly sent me a fantastic range of products to try. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting a series of blogs sharing my views on the products with you all.

Firstly, a bit about NYR. As well as using excellent quality natural and organic ingredients they are a fantastically ethical company, and also use a lot of Fairtrade ingredients. Their signature dark blue glass packaging is fully recyclable and cleverly blocks UV light, meaning less preservatives are used. Importantly for me, their products do not contain parabens or mineral oils.

The first product I tried was the Peppermint & Lime Deodorant (£8 for 50ml). This roll-on deodorant is a new addition to Neal’s Yard and is both vegan and cruelty-free.


I have a friend who has switched to natural deodorants as opposed to anti-perspirants and she swears by them. I haven’t taken the plunge yet, although I have been tempted as I have sensitive underarms. This deodorant is aluminium-free. Aluminium is an ingredient which is common in anti-perspirants and can cause irritation (it has for me previously). The deodorant has been clinically proven to give 24 hour protection, using ingredients such as bamboo powder to absorb moisture. Most importantly, it smells really fresh, mostly of the lime as opposed to the mint. It is also available in a rose and geranium scent but I imagine the lime one is nicer for a deodorant.

It dries fairly quickly, caused me no irritation and didn’t mark any of my clothes. It was surprisingly effective and while I’m still not entirely sure if I’d be confident enough to use it on a really hot day or when exercising, for normal day to day use, it is an excellent alternative to chemical-laden anti-perspirants.

You can buy your Neal’s Yard products through Nicola at It is also worth checking out her Facebook page.

Beauty Geek x


One thought on “Neal’s Yard Peppermint & Lime Deodorant

  1. It’s definitely personal choice when it comes to which fragrance to choose. I use both, the Peppermint and Lime is nice and fresh but I’m currently loving the Rose and Geranium! This is the most effective natural deodorant I have tried.

    Spray deodorant also available in Lavender and Aloe Vera or Lemon and Coriander (100ml pump spray £8.50* currently on sale 30% off NOW £5.95!)


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