Neal’s Yard Facial Oils

Due to having skin that is prone to breakouts, facial oils are something I’ve only started using in the last few years in order to help fight the aging process. I have found it is best to invest in a quality oil and use it less, than slather on an inexpensive one more regularly.

I tend to use facial oils after exfoliating or using a mask, as a kind of mini at-home facial. I also use an oil if I feel my skin has become dry in places – particularly at this time of year when it is struggling to adjust to the effects of cold weather and central heating. Don’t be afraid to target the oil to just the areas of the face that you feel need it. Also, it is better to use it at night so it can really sink in (and if you have long hair like me, tie it up so the oil doesn’t transfer and leave you with greasy-looking locks).


Neal’s Yard offers a range of facial oils, varying in price from £20 to £28.50 for 30ml. The options are frankincense (rejuvenating for skin showing signs of aging), rose (rehydrating for normal skin) and orange flower (nourishing for dry skin).

I tried both the frankincense and rose facial oils. I wasn’t sure what frankincense smells like but it’s lovely; quite earthy, so good if you’re not into floral scents and not at all strong or overpowering. The rose smells exactly as I think a ‘good’ rose scent should – more turkish delight than old-lady-floral.

The texture of both oils is lovely – indulgent without being greasy – and both absorbed into the skin well. The bottles come with a very handy little dropper so you can dispense the tiny amount you need easily. If you are using the facial oil once or twice a week a bottle will last you months so cost per use is actually very low.

You can buy your Neal’s Yard products through Nicola D’Costa at It is also worth checking out her Facebook page.

Beauty Geek x


One thought on “Neal’s Yard Facial Oils

  1. Spot on Beauty Geek! A good quality oil won’t feel greasy and will sink into your skin, leaving it radiant, moisturised and youthful. A little really does go a long way.

    Totally agree about the freshness of the Rose fragrance and the Frankincense always seems so luxurious!

    Love the hair tip too. Thank you x


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