Winging It – Best Eyeliner Pens

I love all forms of eyeliner, but at the moment I find I’m reaching for my eyeliner pens the most. Eyeliner pens are quick to put on, with no mess and are easy to pop in my bag when I’m travelling. The key things I look for in an eyeliner pen are ease of application, pigmentation and longevity. I’ve tried a fair few now, so thought I’d share my top three…

eyeliner quote

3rd Place – Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner £16

This is the first product I’ve tried from Eyeko. I really liked using it – it has a good nib which makes it easy to apply and it has good pigmentation. Considering it’s fairly expensive I thought the packaging could have looked a little more high-end. The main reason this product came in third place is because it had dried out within a fortnight, making it an expensive option.


2nd Place – Kat Von D Tattoo Liner £16

There’s been a lot of fuss about this brand and, in particular, the Tattoo Liner. I loved the gothic-style black and silver packaging although, unfortunately, the print rubbed off in my make-up bag. This was unusual to use at first as the nib is flexible, unlike most other eyeliner pens. The nib is very fine compared to the other two in this post so it is probably the best option for those who like a subtle look. It is waterproof so is very long-lasting, and is the only pen out of the three I tested to come in brown as well as black. It is on the pricier side but lasts quite a while so you do get the value from it.

tattoo liner

1st Place – Kiko Summer 2.0 Eye Marker £8.90

The lovely champagne colour of the packaging makes this pen a very welcome addition to my make-up bag. The pen is a dream to use – it glides on smoothly and the nib is easy to get a precise finish with. It is waterproof so is very long-lasting and didn’t move even when my eyes watered. It’s the most pigmented of the pens I tried with a super jet-black finish. It lasts ages – I’m still on the first one I bought and it’s lasted me well over a month with me using it nearly every day. At half the price of the other two pens it’s a very affordable option and as it’s currently on offer for £4.40 I bet it’s flying off the shelves!

SUMMER2.0 eye marker

Let me know if you try any of the above or if you’ve found an even better eyeliner pen than the Kiko Eye Marker.

Beauty Geek x


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